Halloween is here! Like many of us, we are often so busy with our daily schedules that we wait until the last minute for holiday celebrations, but have no fear! We’ve discovered some easy, elegant Halloween costumes and make-up techniques for you to choose from your very own closet this Halloween. Check out our top picks below and comment on your favorite options. We’d love to see what you came up with from your closet this Halloween. Forgo the cheap Halloween store picks and opt for a Haute Halloween holiday this year.



For an effortless, classic “Witch” outfit, try pulling out your favorite black dress, paired with tall black boots or booties and a “Witch” hat or Boho floppy hat. Accent with a broom and play up your make-up with false eyelashes, bright red lips, and black nail polish. We love Free People’s Allyson dress paired with the Clipperton black floppy hat for an elegant, wickedly-fashionable “Black Witch.”



Actress Lauren Conrad brought back the “practically perfect” iconic Mary Poppins outfit during 2012’s Halloween, and made the character popular not just for children. Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram blew up with followers and fans dressing as the popular nanny. This year, “Step in Time” and bring Mary Poppins back again by pairing a white button-down long sleeved blouse with a midi black skirt, and accessorize with a bright red belt and bow tie, and black booties. Grab an umbrella, flat black hat, and oversized handbag to finish the look. Pull your hair into a bun and grab your favorite red lipstick, and you are sure to have a “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” Haute Halloween.



Even if you don’t have a suitable costume this Halloween, just the right accessories can enhance a basic black outfit. Start with your favorite black leather leggings or skinny jeans, add a black tank and black leather jacket, and pair with tall black boots. Next, add “bloody” red nail polish and red lips. Enhance your look by adding glistening “Blood Red” ruby and red jewelry, and finish off your wicked look with an elegant Masquerade mask. We love Etsy’s elegant Venetian black wire mask, and their collection of Masquerade masks online, or shop at your local theatrical costume supply for a collection of elegant masks to enhance your “wicked masquerade.”



Go “Great Gatsby” style, kick up your heels and get ready to shimmy the night away this Halloween in an easy, elegant, throwback to the roaring 20’s. We love the Milly fringe dress from Revolve , the fringe strapless mini dress from Express, or the lace fringe ivory dress from the Piperlime Collection. Since fringe is trending for Fall Fashion 2014, your dress will be perfectly in style even after Halloween. Or, grab your favorite sheath dress from your closet, and accessorize with strappy heels, a string or two of pearls, red lipstick, and a chic bob or low wavy bun. Point the way to the “speakeasy” and get ready for a rollicking great Halloween night.



With “American Horror Story: Freak Show” all the rage this season, take a tip from designer Christian Dior and go as a circus clown this Halloween. Grab your favorite white, flowy blouse, and pair with cropped black harem pants. Accessorize with white or black gloves, a black floppy hat or fedora, a black tie around your neckline, and black or white booties. For a different clown look, you can pair the blouse with white or black shorts, and over-the-knee long contrasting socks. Add suspenders if you have them. For a Harlequin Halloween How-to, try pale foundation, red lips, heavy eyeliner, and paint on “Harlequin eyes” for a dramatic look. Follow the Pinkstylist’s “how-to” Harlequin Halloween make-up tutorial on Youtube for an in-depth, yet easy make-up session.



Take a walk “down the rabbit hole” this Halloween, and join the “Mad Tea Party” as the “Mad Hatter” from Lewis Carroll’s classic “Alice in Wonderland.” As a throwback to the 19th century Victorian culture, the “Steampunk” trend has made it fashionable to bring out your top hats and coat tails once again. For inspiration, check out Clockwork Couture or Steampunk Emporium to spark your imagination. The key to your “Mad Hatter” look is lots of layers. Grab your favorite knee-length “A-line” skirt, and layer a shorter skirt on top. Pair with a fitted tank top and layer a button down top, finishing with a peacoat or even a long plaid shirt. Complete the look with a top hat, or floppy hat and you are on your way to a curiously “maddening” great Halloween.



If you are looking for a classy “couples” costume that you can quickly throw together for that last minute Halloween invite, take a cue from Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest and go as “Bonnie and Clyde.”  For your man, grab a grey suit and tie from the closet and accessorize with a toy gun and fedora. For you, grab your favorite pencil skirt and blouse. Accessorize with a chic scarf, strappy heels, and “Newsboys” cap. Complete your look by arranging your hair in a short, straight bob to achieve that perfect 30’s hairstyle. For history and style inspiration, check out the real Bonnie & Clyde.



“Vamp” up your look this Halloween with a wickedly wonderful “Vampiress” costume. From the ever popular “Vampire Diaries,” to the “Twilight” trilogy, to the recent film “Dracula Untold,” vampires are among us this Halloween and you’ll stay right in style. Start with your favorite all black dress and try adding a big sash for style. Accessorize your look by teasing your hair at the top, and adding a black netting hairpiece for a faux “vampire collar.” Play up your make-up with a pale foundation and pale lips for that “underworld” effect, dark navy and black “winged” eyeshadow, and finish with dramatic black eyeliner and mascara. Grab a pair of faux “vampire” teeth, and you are ready to ravage the night!



When all else fails, one of the easiest Haute Halloween costumes is the Ethereal Spirit. Head to the fabric store before your Halloween event, and grab 7 layers of white tulle fabric, 140 inches long and 108 inches wide. Gather the sheets together around the neck with a loose tie to make a billowing “hood.” Accessorize the look with white face paint and black eye shadowing around the eyes for that “ghostly” look. You can also add a little dark shading at your cheekbones for a “hollowed” skeleton appearance.  Add bright red or black lipstick and you are ready to scare up a storm this Halloween.


Don’t let Halloween give you a fright this year, choose from one of our favorite “last-minute” Haute Halloween costume ideas that you can put together right from your closet. Think out-of-the-box from the cliche characters and icons that most others will decidedly be wearing, and go for a classier Haute Couture Halloween costume. By thinking creatively, you might just win that Halloween costume contest. Share with us your photos on what YOU decided to be this Halloween. We’d love to see your creativity, staying haute, stylish, and trendy this Halloween. Happy Haunting!



With the current trend of “sustainable fashion” and “living a greener lifestyle,” I embarked on a personal “adventure” this week to live a more organic lifestyle. As a professional ballet dancer and fashion blogger, I do exercise daily, eat healthy, recycle, and choose paper rather than plastic, but I thought it would be interesting to infuse into my daily life a more organic and natural way of living. I did not take any time off from work or my normal activities, but simply researched living an organic lifestyle and figured out easy, beneficial ways to improve my way of living. Let me take you along my journey of discovery and maybe you will see how easy it is to live an organic lifestyle for a much more energetic, healthier, fashionable you.


Bath candles

After a long six hour rehearsal day preparing for my company Pasadena Dance Theatre’s annual “Nutcracker,” my entire body was sore and I was exhausted. I usually just pop into a quick shower so I can relax in bed longer. This Sunday, however, I pulled out some all natural Epsom Salts, lit my favorite scented candles, turned off the lights, and sunk into a warm bath. I didn’t need any music to feel instantly rejuvenated as I felt each muscle relax and all the stress of the day release. Sometimes I will use “White Noise Lite: Relax,” a free mobile App with sounds of nature to relax and revive, but tonight the silence was a welcome relief. The world around us is noisy enough; it is highly beneficial to our well being to just take a moment of silence or quiet contemplation. I think we wouldn’t need as much medicine, caffeine, or therapists, and we would get a lot more done in our lives if we just take a little break. I was amazed at how calm and relaxed I felt after just the fifteen minutes of soaking, and I had a peaceful, rejuvenating night’s sleep as well. I could get used to organic living.


photo 2

Up bright and early Monday morning, I usually just have coffee to kickstart my morning. Today, however, taking the advice of dietitians, I opted for a healthy all organic fruit salad from my local market to boost my metabolism. I can’t do without a cup of coffee, but since I’m a little caffeine sensitive, I opted for Trader Joe’s Decaf coffee flavored with organic milk and organic sugar. I like Trader Joe’s because the store is less complicated than Whole Foods, the customer service is always helpful, they use all paper bags (or you can bring your own), and the company works closely with local farmers for the freshest, most organic produce and food.

photo 3Off to a great start in my organic week, I broke for a “lunch break” by taking a walk around the local park. Usually, I just eat lunch at my desk and keep working, but today, I opted to take a one hour break. The outside air was wonderful and it felt great to stretch my legs and get a little exercise. Again, I didn’t listen to anything but the sounds of nature as I walked. I even cleared my mind of all the looming work projects, rehearsals, and activities for the week, and rested my mind. Upon returning from my lunch break, I felt revived to start work again. Around 3:00pm, I noticed that I didn’t feel my usual “afternoon slump” but felt re-energized to continue work until 6:00. It really is true that healthy eating COMBINED WITH exercise work hand-in-hand to boost metabolism and endorphins for a more balanced, fit life.


On Tuesday, I ventured out to an organic, vegan restaurant I have not been to yet, but heard great things about, “The Rabbit Hole Cafe.” In an all “Alice in Wonderland” theme, the restaurant was a pleasant surprise. The menu includes all organic and vegan fare, as well as raw items, and also includes a small store in which to buy your own organic products. I opted to try the popular “Queen of Hearts” salad, made with quinoa, chickpeas, and beets served over a bed of mixed greens, an all vegan and organic choice. The salad was delicious, even for non-vegan lovers, and the flavors were perfectly blended. I finished off my meal with the new popular “Cheshire Cat” smoothie, a blend of Dragon fruit, mango, banana, dates, purple cabbage, pineapple, and coconut milk, perfectly blended and delicious. In addition to the great lunch, the staff was helpful and friendly, and the service was quick and efficient. The “Alice in Wonderland” theme is a delight, and a great way to introduce children and diners leery of the “organic” world. Another great raw and vegan restaurant I love is “Sun Cafe” in Studio City. Their raw, vegan shakes and pizzas are so delicious that you forget you are eating an all raw meal. When in L.A., these two top-notch restaurants are a must. I encourage you to try your local organic vegan restaurant. Vegan chefs today are taking menus to a whole new level, and once you try a more natural way of eating, a Big Mac will sound so much less appealing.

        photo 1      photo 3



Even with all the healthy organic eating this week, I felt a little mid-week slump on “Hump Day.” For lunch hour, I opted to try a Yoga class. Being a professional dancer, I take regular ballet class almost everyday so in my off times, I rarely “hit the gym” or try other classes. However, I know that many swear to Yoga and Pilates, so I gave it a try. Feeling tired and unmotivated, I tried the Hatha Yoga class at 1:30pm at Source Yoga in Santa Barbara, CA, which concentrates on deep breathing, finding your center core, and relaxation. After an hour, I was thoroughly relaxed and energized. My headache and backache had gone away, and I felt ready to take on the rest of the work day without the aid of aspirin or caffeine. I will DEFINITELY be adding Yoga to my weekly schedule after this wonderful treat. Next, I opted to take a ballet class at Elite Dance to stay in shape and boost my metabolism. By the end of the day, I felt relaxed, energized, and accomplished. After today, I realize that exercise AND contemplation go hand-in-hand to keep an organic, strong, fit, yet mentally and emotionally balanced body.



photo 2

Halloween is just around the corner! A great last minute yet festive way to decorate for the season is visiting your local farmer’s market or Pumpkin Patch. Decorate your home for the holidays organically with fresh pumpkins and gourds and support your local farmer’s produce and farms. I visited the McGrath Street Pumpkin Patch in Ventura County, serving the community for over 30 years. In addition to the thousands of pumpkin and gourds for sale, they also provide field trips for children and schools as a way of educating the next generation about farming and organic living. You can also use your fresh pumpkins to make delicious organic recipes for entertaining or just for yourself. I love the fresh pumpkin smoothie; the anti-oxidants in a pumpkin will kickstart your day. Or try roasted pumpkin seeds as a tasty mid-afternoon snack. And of course, it would not seem quite like Fall without a luscious organic pumpkin pie. After selecting my favorite orange and white pumpkins, I hurried home to decorate for Halloween, lit my favorite organic candles, and settled into a night of  “American Horror Story” for a frightfully festive evening.

photo 1


2009 Farmers Market_1 (Large)

On Friday, I visited one of the most popular Farmer’s Markets, “The Original Farmer’s Market” at The Grove in Los Angeles. The Farmer’s Market was established in 1934, through the inspiration of two local entrepreneurs Fred Beck and Roger Dahlhjelm. What began as a few dozen farmers and local merchants selling their produce has now grown into a “must-see” attraction for visitors around the world. L.A.’s “Original Farmer’s Market” includes local produce, as well as fresh bakeries, fish and meat markets, cafes, restaurants, and merchandise.


I started with the fresh produce section, and decided to buy local for my evening dinner. Grabbing fresh organic spinach, tomatoes, carrots, feta cheese, and squash, I then hurried home to a create an all organic dinner salad. I was amazed at how fresh, vibrant, and flavorful the fresh salad was, as compared to salad from a restaurant or the local grocery. I could actually taste, in full, the many wonderful flavors of each vegetable and felt completely satisfied, happy to start the weekend healthy, fresh, and organic.

photo 3

After the week’s “organic living,” I came to realize that living organically is not just a once-a-week activity, but a lifestyle. Making little changes such as buying local, shopping organic, taking Yoga, and daily exercising greatly reduced my normal weekly stress, and I found I was able to handle the daily challenges better, make conscious decisions, and sleep better at night. I also noticed that my energy level increased, and I even dropped a few pounds. Living organically is not hard, time consuming, or costly, yet the benefits to healthy organic living are priceless. After this week’s experiment, I am definitely going to make a permanent lifestyle change to eat organic, exercise daily, and enroll in a Yoga class for a healthier, happier new organic life.



Sustainable fashion is coming more to the forefront across the fashion and design industries of late. When I think about conservation and “Going Green,” my first thoughts are to remember to put my plastic water bottles in the recycle bin, buy paper rather than plastic, turn off unused lights, and minimize water usage. However, the fashion industry today is also stepping up to the forefront by discovering new ways the consumer can stay fashionable and trendy, and still save the Earth’s resources. My search led me to discover many mainstream fashion and home decorating designers and companies doing their part for our world by using recycled materials and natural products in their fashion and designs. I am amazed at the creativity and ingenuity that designers are now creating with their products. “Going Green” doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, time-consuming, or boring. It is time for us to start thinking globally about how we can sustain the Earth’s resources in all areas of our lives, including fashion and design. Check out some of our favorite finds here at Posh at Play that we support and will be shopping at, staying trendy and Eco Chic all season long.



Winner of Britian’s Designer of the Year award without using leather, vegan and cruelty-free designer Stella McCartney is one of the few high-end fashion designers making waves in the fashion industry for sustainable fashion. Celebs like newlywed Amal Alamuddin (now “Clooney”), sporting a Stella McCartney pantsuit and floppy hat, help raise awareness to Stella’s designs, reminding us that we can stay fashionable yet helpful to nature’s resources. Stella McCartney also has developed sustainable fabric designs with last season’s faux croc heels with a biodegradable heel, and this season’s new sustainable and cruelty-free wool, in partnership with the Nature Conservancy and Ovis XXI. While providing us with chic fashion, fragrances, and accessories, Stella McCartney also partners closely with eco-friendly organizations like Ethical Training Initiative, Canopy, National Resources Defense Council, and others. Her fashions can be found at her flagship stores in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Dallas or at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman. If you are going  high-end, we suggest sticking to this designer’s chic and sustainable fashion line.



Just in time for the Fall Season, I love Reformation’s newest line of sweaters made from Alpaca wool, a renewable fiber that has a lower environmental impact than most other sweater yarns. The company strives to produce Eco-friendly fashion at an affordable price. They have flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York City, but their online store is just as good. My favorites are the black Collie Alpaca Sweater, perfect to pair with your favorite Hudson skinny jeans, or the Emu Alpaca Sweater, as soft as cashmere but much gentler to Mother Earth.



We love the online shopping site Ethica, a collection of several designers committed to sustainable fashion all made in safe, healthy environments free of human rights violations such as child labor and sweatshop-like conditions. All fashion and accessories are made with eco-friendly textiles and organic fabrics, low-impact dyes, and recycled materials, often reusing surplus fabrics to reduce waste and water. The great thing about Ethica is you can shop by designer or shop by the item you are looking for, all the while knowing that your time and money help support sustainable fashion and go towards a great cause. I especially love the huge collection of handbags and totes, my favorite being the Moa Tote from Angela Roi. The designer works closely with South Korean ILO- manufactures where US trade agreement provides fair labor laws. With every purchase from this designer, $5 is donated to a corresponding medical charity.



Named  the best handbag seen at New York’s Fashion Week 2015, Edun is a global fashion brand founded by U2’s Bono and wife Ali Hewson in order to promote trade in Africa by sourcing production throughout the continent. Currently 85% of all Edun materials are produced and manufactured in Africa, contributing to trade, jobs, and sustainable fashion. Their unique accessories and jewelry line were a hot item on the runways for this Season. Last Season, Edun partnered with Diesel jeans to produce jean wear exclusively made and marketed in Africa for a 2 Season run. Sourced from the Conservation Cotton Initiative in Uganda, the 35-piece jeans, jackets, shorts, and sweater collection is limited release. Shop now online at Diesel for a unique and exclusive collaboration benefitting fair trade, sustainable fashion, and eco-friendly style. We love the way rock star Bono is using his time, resources, and celebrity status for a great cause, raising awareness across the globe for fair trade and world peace.



Build a better body, and also save the Earth with these colorful Teeki yoga pants I came across on Amazon. What first drew me to these pants was the colorful style and interesting patterns rather than the usual grey or black exercise wear found at every store. Then I discovered they are actually made from recycled water bottles. Teeki uses all recycled plastic for all of their sports wear, made in an entirely solar powered facility. With each pair of yoga pants, you help recycle between 18 to 30 water bottles. I love the Teeki company because their mission is to “provide the world with eco-friendly, timeless, forward fashion.” Their fashions are trendy, yet timeless, never boring, and are suitable for exercise, work, play, or beach. If you need to update your exercise wear and want to help out our Earth, let your next purchase be from Teeki.



From Hale Bob CEO Daniel Bohbot comes Liberty Garden, a fashion line committed to providing a potentially life saving treatment for malaria  patients all over the world. The company’s motto “buy one piece, change one life” is the heart and soul of Liberty Garden. By partnering with Doctors Without Borders, each item of clothing sold goes towards helping to prevent and cure malaria in Africa and other countries around the world. Liberty Garden’s collection includes chic tops, bottoms, dresses, and sweaters, along the lines of Hale Bob fashion. We love that successful CEO Daniel Bohbot is using his success to help bring about health and healing to those suffering from this crippling disease around the world and pursuing sustainable fashion.



Featured in our last blog “Step into Fall, Tieks’ ballerina flats are not only chic, but also sustainable fashion through their work to empower woman for positive change. These comfortable yet stylish ballerina flats pair perfectly with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, suitable for work, play, or an evening out, and easily fold into your purse or pocket for durability, economy, and efficiency. Through The Gavrieli Foundation the company is committed to empowering women entrepreneurs all over the globe as a means of social change. A portion of Tieks’ sales go towards selected women around the world who are making positive changes in their communities, creating jobs, and reducing poverty for families and workers in their countries. Each time you step out in a chic pair of Tieks’ ballerina flats, you know you are doing your part to help women and families around the world.



One of our designers at here at Posh at Play, Citizens of Humanity founder Jerome Dahan is committed to using his success to inspire, encourage, and support the next generation of young artists, creators, designers, and passionate “citizens of humanity.” Dahan says “As the company’s name suggests, our mission is to showcase the energy and passion of creative individuals.” Through his “Just Like You” film project, the series documents “people with incredible levels of passion, people we admire, and who share thoughtful ideas about life, the pursuit of their dreams and the challenges to become Citizens of Humanity.”  In exchange for participating in this series, artists from legendary ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov to model and global maternal health advocate Christy Turlington Burns to social activist Desmond Tutu create a limited edition T-shirt with Citizens of Humanity, and all proceeds are donated to the charity of their choice. Helping people is at the core of Citizens of Humanity’s mission. Next pair of jeans, consider buying from COH and support sustainable fashion and inspire the next generation of young artists.



As the holidays approach, wondering what to buy for your children, nieces, nephews, little brother or sister? We love Cashmere Creations’ unique brand of all natural sustainable 100% recycled cashmere products. Falling in love with the feel of cashmere fabric, designer and founder Lauren Farris began collecting old cashmere sweaters from thrift stores and in February 2007 established her own company as a way to reinvent old cashmere and recycle the material into a cute line of bears, bunnies, kittens, and any imaginable creature possible. Custom orders are also available through the company, as well as FREE shipping in the United States. Such a cute idea for Christmas to Valentine’s Day to birthdays to Easter for children- soft, cuddly, natural, and contributing to recycling the Earth’s materials.



There are several organic and natural make-up products on the market today, but our top pick is RMS Beauty. Recently featured on model Giselle for an H & M campaign, and a favorite of celebrities such as Zoe Saldana, Miranda Kerr, and Olivia Munn, RMS founder Rose-Marie Swift, a renowned make-up artist, began developing illnesses due to the chemicals in her make-up and skin care products. This lead her to develop a completely organic line of make-up made from all raw products in their natural, untainted state. RMS goes beyond other organic lines in their production process of using limited heat which can alter raw minerals, releasing harmful chemicals that were once natural, therefore allowing RMS products to retain the living ingredients to nourish and heal. All RMS products are GMO free, Soy free, Gluten free, Nano free, and are not tested on animals. In addition, we love that all packaging is recyclable and completely biodegradable, contributing to sustainable fashion and design. We can’t wait to try RMS’s best seller and “celeb secret” Living Luminizer for healthy, luminous skin everyday.



About 100 years ago, all furniture was considered to be organic since craftsmen used natural wood and hardware locally crafted for home furnishings and decor. Now, however, most store bought sofas, tables, chairs, and beds contain plastics and artificially made materials. There are several great sustainable home fashion companies out there today from EKLA Home to Organic Modernism to Environment Furniture. We love Viva Terra’s mission statement “that you don’t have to compromise your sense of style to help preserve the earth’s precious resources.” While each sustainable furniture company is unique and profitable in its own way, we love the aesthetic and variety of natural products the company has to offer, from candles, to rugs, to sofas, to dining rooms, to beds, to holiday decor, Viva Terra really has everything you could want to design each room of your home. Each piece is completely handmade from artisans around the world, using all natural products or recycled materials. As you decorate for the holidays, consider buying locally and decorating naturally for a sustainable, eco-friendly holiday season.

Alicia Rountree for Hale Bob Ad Campaign (Fall-Winter 2013) photo shoot

We hope you enjoyed our blog on “sustainable fashion.” Eco-friendly living is really quite simple; it’s just a matter of conscious decision making the next time you are at the market or shopping online. Why not stay chic and fashionable AND do your part to save and maintain the Earth’s natural resources. Mother Nature has given us all the resources we need, naturally, to live a clean, healthy, and balanced life; it’s up to each one of us to do so. Each small part adds up to bigger changes across the globe for a clean, green, healthier world for all of us and the generations to come. Give us your thoughts on how you “Live Green” and the natural products you like, and we may just feature YOU in our next Blog.




It’s officially the Fall Season now. Time to trade in your sandals and flip flops for boots and Fall Footwear. While I think I’m fully stocked with boots for the Season, I may have to get out and shop some of the newest boot trends this Season. Just the other day, I was wondering what chic Fall flat shoes I should start wearing instead of my sandals that I casually slip on for quick errands out. This took me on a search for the latest trends and fashions for Fall Footwear. If you are pressed for time, you can even shop your favorite fashions online at one of my favorite sites “Shoedazzle.” They will custom design footwear suggestions suitable for your lifestyle and taste, at an affordable price, so you feel just like a celebrity. Check out some of my favorite finds below, and start shopping the Fall Fashion Footwear trends.



I think this is one of the best Fall Fashion Footwear flat styles trending this Season. While I usually prefer shoes with heels, this is a perfect solution to my search for a chic flat Fall shoe style. The Ballerina flat is comfortable yet stylish at the same time, and pairs perfectly with jeans and a sweater for errand day, or a chic tulle Ballerina skirt for dinner out. One of my favorite brands of Ballerina flats comes from Tieks by Gavrieli, the most versatile designer flats in the world, made from the finest Italian leather and can fold into your purse or pocket. Tieks Ballerina flats are also the perfect solution for those late night after parties when your feet are killing you from your heels and you need something comfortable yet still stylish to change into. Check out Tieks leopard print Ballerina flats for a trending style. I know these are first on my list of Fall Footwear purchases.



I already have knee high boots, but I may have to get out and shop Fall’s latest footwear trend- the over-the-knee boot. I love these boots because they give an edgier look than regular boots, and are very versatile, pairing easily with your Fall Wardrobe that you already have in your closet. Found with heels or flat, the over-the-knee boot can be paired with your favorite Hudson skinny jeans, leather jacket from Revolve, and wool scarf as seen above, or you can pair with a plaid shirtdress, trending for Fall. The over-the-knee boot can easily transition to evening by pairing with your favorite little black dress from Bebe, one of my favorite shops. These are definitely on my wish list for Fall Fashion footwear. Shop my favorite styles at Nordstrom.



Another option I love for flat shoes for Fall Footwear is the low heeled bootie. This boot is great for chillier weather or rain and snow days. Your feet will stay warm and dry, yet still chic and stylish. I already have a few high heel booties in my closet, but I’m going to try the flat bootie style this Season. They pair easily over skinny jeans or leather leggings, or can pair under your favorite Hudson baby bootcut jeans or AC Collection’s “Rihanna” wide leg jeans. Check out my favorite low heeled booties in charcoal grey from Dirty Laundry and baby blue from Betsey Johnson at DSW, or black fringe Minnetonka booties from Nordstrom.

5670c5b126786588e28447ea54124560HEELED CHUNKY BOOTIE

Another one of my favorite Fall Fashion footwear styles this Season, the heeled chunky bootie. This boot is very similar to the low heeled bootie, but gives a slightly more “high fashion” statement to your Fall wardrobe. This is another boot style I have yet to add to my Shoe closet that I will definitely be looking for this Fall. The heeled bootie looks best paired with cropped jeans or tucked into skinny jeans for up-to-date fashion. Check out some of my favorite heeled chunky booties at Macy’sgrey Kenneth Cole wedge booties, fur lined booties by Michael Kors, or my personal favorite black G by Guess lug booties. I better get my charge card ready!



This Fall, update your heel collection with chic strappy heels. I love this new Fall Footwear trend because it makes for an interesting fashion statement with the intricate patterning, lacing, and texture. The great thing about the strappy heel is that you can turn basic T-shirt and jeans into a “runway-worthy” look. You don’t have to spend a fortune on updating your Fall wardrobe this Season, just add a chic strappy heel and you can transform every outfit you already own. The strappy heels go great with this year’s trend of pairing heels with cropped jeans, or elevate the look with your favorite evening wear. Check out my favorites from Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden, and Go Jane.



Who knew that T-Pain’s “Apple Bottom Jeans, boots with the fur” lyrics would become a Fall Fashion footwear trend. I am so glad this boot style is trending for Fall Fashion footwear since I have a few favorite fur boots in my shoe closet. This Season, however, designers ditched the heavy fur and went for fur accents and trims on not only boots but also heels and sandals. House of Holland featured brightly colored heels topped with fur ball accents, DSquared covered their chunky heeled shoes with fur,and Chloe trimmed their sandals with fur lining. Any which style of shoe you prefer this Fall, be on the lookout for fur trimming, sure to keep your feet warm and stylish at the same time. Check out my favorite fur Fall Footwear: Ugg’s Layna Cuff Boot, Prada T-strap fur sandal, and Brian Atwood’s “Genie” suede and fur heel.



My last favorite Fall Footwear trend this Season is the embellished heel. Designers this Fall gave heels and booties an upgrade by adding intricate ornamentation, baubles, and beading. You can get these Giuseppe Zanotti embellished suede sandals shown above at Net-a-Porter, the world’s premiere online luxury fashion destination. Or if you are on a budget this year, try Benjamin Adams’ bedazzled “Charley” pump at Nordstrom. My personal favorite is a a little gem I found at Nordstrom- MSGM’s pointy toe pump, trendy and chic.



So whether you prefer low heeled or high heeled, bootie or pump, Fall Fashion Footwear has something to suit everyone’s style and taste. Check out Steve Madden’s newest shoe designer Shea Marie’s “Peace Love Shea” shoe line. The Californian designer brings a fresh, funky style to the Steve Madden line with cool boots and booties suitable for any occasion this Fall from casual to dressy. My favorite way to update my Fall Wardrobe without breaking the bank is to add a cool new pair of shoes which can change the entire look of an outfit at an affordable price. So check out one of these trending Fall Fashion Footwear looks and step out in style.




I have never been a big fan of women’s business wear, but this Season’s designers are making me want to shop all the latest trends for women’s wear in the office. With the Fall season TV premieres in full swing, female actresses are featured in strong leading roles with wardrobes to match. Gone are the sharp shoulder pads, stuffy tweeds, and unflattering hemlines, designers this Fall are updating women’s wear in the office to reflect the way women’s leadership is changing. Thanks to role models like Michelle Obama, women today no longer have to hide their femininity or womanly figure to be considered seriously. Film makers are reflecting this mindset by writing scripts giving actresses strong leading roles which play up their smart, commanding side while also featuring their more personal, feminine side at the same time. Designers like Prada, Caroline Herrera, and Ann Taylor are reinventing the “power suit” by introducing sheer fabrics, ruffles, and neutral pastels as a way to bring a feminine touch to women’s business dress. The great thing about these new, fresh “power suits” is that they appeal to all women, not just businesswomen, and can easily transition to cocktail hour or an evening out. I will definitely be adding some of these new items to my closet this Fall. Check out my favorites below:


 Julianna Margulies, “The Good Wife”

No one wears a “power suit” better than Julianna Margulies’ Alicia Floorick on the popular show “The Good Wife.” Costume designer Daniel Lawson now has his own fashion line 35DL with clothing you can buy inspired by Julianna’s character on the show. His advice for an updated business look: “It’s most important not to over accessorize. A sleek outfit with one significant piece of jewelry becomes a more focused look.” Check out his clothing line at www.35dl.net and pick out a chic new business suit for a meeting out. Try an Ann Taylor cropped grey jacket with contrasting lapels for an updated  look.

Or go with my favorite a black updated Muglar jacket from 35dl paired with a black Hale Bob fitted skirt and accessorize with gold bangles from Forever 21. Daniel Lawson also advises dressing in monochromic colors head-to-toe for the strongest image.



 Julia Louis-Dreyfus, VEEP

Quirky, zany Julia Louis-Dreyfus brings a fun, comedic inside to the White House with her character Selina Meyer as Vice President in “VEEP,” and her wardrobe reflects her “you don’t always have  to follow the rules” attitude.  Julia brings the mystery and mystic of politics and the White House down to the common person’s level through her impeccable comedic timing and down-home manner that audiences everywhere can relate to. Her wardrobe on the show reflects her character’s personality perfectly while staying with mostly business dresses and skirts, but with a fitted form and bright colors for Fall 2014. No need to wear only dark colors. Try bright colors like red, yellow or emerald, trending on the Runway, for an updated look this Fall.

I love these red hot slacks from BCBG paired with a flowing Vince Camuto neutral blouse and Charlotte Russe nude pumps with mesh lining for all-day comfort and style. Accessorize with chic gold chandelier earrings and sweep your hair into a chic ballerina bun for an updated business look.


Or, reverse the color scheme, and go with a hot red Hale Bob button down blouse paired with Donna Karan neutral colored slacks. Either way you choose, throw some color into your Fall business wardrobe this Fall.


House of Cards -- Pictured: Robin WrightRobin Wright, “House of Cards”

Robin Wright exerts her power and prowess as Carrie Underwood on “House of Cards,” going to “battle” everyday for her politically minded husband  Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey. She stays cool, calm, and collected throughout, though, with her fashion taste leaning more towards darker navy and black, and form-fitting dresses and skirts, without revealing too much. I love the femininity and grace Robin Wright brings to the character, but with strength and backbone, reminiscent of Grace Kelly. Slick back you hair, and dress for power and grace like Carrie Underwood with a Ralph Lauren fitted navy dress paired with solid black pumps and handbag.

Or pair a solid black pencil skirt with a sheer silk chiffon button down from Hale Bob, just a touch of femininity without revealing too much at the office.



Kerry Washington, “Scandal”

ABC’s newest hit “Scandal,’ renewed for a 4th Season, stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, former White House Director of Communications and now head of her own crisis management firm. Her character and sense of style have become so widely popular that this Fall “The Limited” stores debuted the “Scandal Collection” featuring designs worn by the character. The things I love most about this line are the soft neutral colors, trendy designs, and youthful yet strong statement pieces brought into the workplace setting.

Get Olivia’s similar look with Hale Bob wide leg satin lace pants and soft satin pink camisole. Pair with a cropped ivory Hale Bob jacket and chic nude heels and you are ready to conquer any conflict in style. Be sure to tune into ABC every Thursday for the next “scandalous” fashion.

173622Warehouse Spring Summer 2011


Claire Danes, “Homeland”

A “hands-on” woman of the office, Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison of “Homeland” rocks the casual office look, as well as the business suit. For “casual Fridays,” pair office appropriate Hudson signature bootcut jeans with a Hale Bob chic sleeveless silk blue top and NEW Steve Madden Lidiaa chunky heels for on the go days.

For chillier days, pair your “casual Friday” outfit with a statement wrap like Hale Bob’s new hot red fur vest paired with chic Nine West black booties and Prada cat-eye sunglasses.



Whether or not you are are a business woman, you’ll love the styles this Season that fashion designers are creating for the working woman. Chic, classy, strong, and feminine all at the same time, this Season’s new business suit is a style trend not to miss. Great for work, play, or the cocktail hour, women’s business dress has never looked so fresh and stylish. Usually I would never be interested in “office wear,” but with these styles that designers are creating this Season, I can’t wait to grab a pair of silky wide leg pants, a lacy cami, or pencil skirt to add to my Fall Wardrobe. So grab some popcorn, settle into the latest episode of “Scandal,” “The Good Wife,” “Homeland,” “House of Cards,” or “VEEP” and be inspired by these strong character roles with style to match.