I have never been a big fan of women’s business wear, but this Season’s designers are making me want to shop all the latest trends for women’s wear in the office. With the Fall season TV premieres in full swing, female actresses are featured in strong leading roles with wardrobes to match. Gone are the sharp shoulder pads, stuffy tweeds, and unflattering hemlines, designers this Fall are updating women’s wear in the office to reflect the way women’s leadership is changing. Thanks to role models like Michelle Obama, women today no longer have to hide their femininity or womanly figure to be considered seriously. Film makers are reflecting this mindset by writing scripts giving actresses strong leading roles which play up their smart, commanding side while also featuring their more personal, feminine side at the same time. Designers like Prada, Caroline Herrera, and Ann Taylor are reinventing the “power suit” by introducing sheer fabrics, ruffles, and neutral pastels as a way to bring a feminine touch to women’s business dress. The great thing about these new, fresh “power suits” is that they appeal to all women, not just businesswomen, and can easily transition to cocktail hour or an evening out. I will definitely be adding some of these new items to my closet this Fall. Check out my favorites below:


 Julianna Margulies, “The Good Wife”

No one wears a “power suit” better than Julianna Margulies’ Alicia Floorick on the popular show “The Good Wife.” Costume designer Daniel Lawson now has his own fashion line 35DL with clothing you can buy inspired by Julianna’s character on the show. His advice for an updated business look: “It’s most important not to over accessorize. A sleek outfit with one significant piece of jewelry becomes a more focused look.” Check out his clothing line at and pick out a chic new business suit for a meeting out. Try an Ann Taylor cropped grey jacket with contrasting lapels for an updated  look.

Or go with my favorite a black updated Muglar jacket from 35dl paired with a black Hale Bob fitted skirt and accessorize with gold bangles from Forever 21. Daniel Lawson also advises dressing in monochromic colors head-to-toe for the strongest image.



 Julia Louis-Dreyfus, VEEP

Quirky, zany Julia Louis-Dreyfus brings a fun, comedic inside to the White House with her character Selina Meyer as Vice President in “VEEP,” and her wardrobe reflects her “you don’t always have  to follow the rules” attitude.  Julia brings the mystery and mystic of politics and the White House down to the common person’s level through her impeccable comedic timing and down-home manner that audiences everywhere can relate to. Her wardrobe on the show reflects her character’s personality perfectly while staying with mostly business dresses and skirts, but with a fitted form and bright colors for Fall 2014. No need to wear only dark colors. Try bright colors like red, yellow or emerald, trending on the Runway, for an updated look this Fall.

I love these red hot slacks from BCBG paired with a flowing Vince Camuto neutral blouse and Charlotte Russe nude pumps with mesh lining for all-day comfort and style. Accessorize with chic gold chandelier earrings and sweep your hair into a chic ballerina bun for an updated business look.


Or, reverse the color scheme, and go with a hot red Hale Bob button down blouse paired with Donna Karan neutral colored slacks. Either way you choose, throw some color into your Fall business wardrobe this Fall.


House of Cards -- Pictured: Robin WrightRobin Wright, “House of Cards”

Robin Wright exerts her power and prowess as Carrie Underwood on “House of Cards,” going to “battle” everyday for her politically minded husband  Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey. She stays cool, calm, and collected throughout, though, with her fashion taste leaning more towards darker navy and black, and form-fitting dresses and skirts, without revealing too much. I love the femininity and grace Robin Wright brings to the character, but with strength and backbone, reminiscent of Grace Kelly. Slick back you hair, and dress for power and grace like Carrie Underwood with a Ralph Lauren fitted navy dress paired with solid black pumps and handbag.

Or pair a solid black pencil skirt with a sheer silk chiffon button down from Hale Bob, just a touch of femininity without revealing too much at the office.



Kerry Washington, “Scandal”

ABC’s newest hit “Scandal,’ renewed for a 4th Season, stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, former White House Director of Communications and now head of her own crisis management firm. Her character and sense of style have become so widely popular that this Fall “The Limited” stores debuted the “Scandal Collection” featuring designs worn by the character. The things I love most about this line are the soft neutral colors, trendy designs, and youthful yet strong statement pieces brought into the workplace setting.

Get Olivia’s similar look with Hale Bob wide leg satin lace pants and soft satin pink camisole. Pair with a cropped ivory Hale Bob jacket and chic nude heels and you are ready to conquer any conflict in style. Be sure to tune into ABC every Thursday for the next “scandalous” fashion.

173622Warehouse Spring Summer 2011


Claire Danes, “Homeland”

A “hands-on” woman of the office, Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison of “Homeland” rocks the casual office look, as well as the business suit. For “casual Fridays,” pair office appropriate Hudson signature bootcut jeans with a Hale Bob chic sleeveless silk blue top and NEW Steve Madden Lidiaa chunky heels for on the go days.

For chillier days, pair your “casual Friday” outfit with a statement wrap like Hale Bob’s new hot red fur vest paired with chic Nine West black booties and Prada cat-eye sunglasses.



Whether or not you are are a business woman, you’ll love the styles this Season that fashion designers are creating for the working woman. Chic, classy, strong, and feminine all at the same time, this Season’s new business suit is a style trend not to miss. Great for work, play, or the cocktail hour, women’s business dress has never looked so fresh and stylish. Usually I would never be interested in “office wear,” but with these styles that designers are creating this Season, I can’t wait to grab a pair of silky wide leg pants, a lacy cami, or pencil skirt to add to my Fall Wardrobe. So grab some popcorn, settle into the latest episode of “Scandal,” “The Good Wife,” “Homeland,” “House of Cards,” or “VEEP” and be inspired by these strong character roles with style to match.