As the year winds to an end and the holidays approach ‘Tis the season’ full of cocktail parties, office parties, formal appearances, family gatherings and of course New Years Eve! This is the time to shine, look your best and do it effortlessly. No stuffy, stiff, uncomfortable fabric will do. There is a reason designers love to drape starlets in silk charmeuse as they walk the red carpet. This satiny fabric was also very popular in the 1930 vintage styles because of its soft, draping effect. It drapes a woman’s body and shows off curves as it fluidly matches every movement of your body. It is perfect for winter because it is the warmest weave of silk and it looks luxurious and dazzling while remaining comfortable to wear. Check out some outstanding choices below which range from formal to family functional.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

-Coco Chanel


Silk Charmeuse Full Length Dress


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Have you always wanted to be the Belle of the Ball? Well, we can guarantee it in this beautiful vibrant red Silk Charmeuse Dress.  Composed of stretch silk charmeuse and detailed with jewels at the waist. This dress is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Silk Charmeuse Tops

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Be the talk of the office Christmas Party (in a good way)! This luxe feminine top will make you standout. The silk charmeuse and detailed beading at the neckline create an elegant look. Pair this with our stretch ultra suede mini skirt with its ruched wrap detail at side front.

Stretch Silk Charmeuse Tops

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Just because it is a family gathering does not mean you shouldn’t look fabulous! Pair this silk charmeuse blouse with our Hale Bob pants to get this trendy black and white palette. We always have a great selection of women’s clothing at Posh at Play.


Fall is the perfect time of year to introduce yourself to Jacquard. This weave was developed by Joseph-Marie Jacquard of France in 1804 and is still around today. This fabric weave is durable of course and does not fade easily, but that is not why we are talking about it. Its intricate weave design adds texture and excitement to a piece of clothing. Fall colors scream “Look at me!”. Jacquard colors and patterns command “Wear me!”.

Take this Missoni Style Knit Jacquard Dress. Not only does the pattern inspire vitality, but the sheer softness is to die for.

Missoni Style Knit Jacquard Dress

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Not sure if you can where Jacquard all over… Well, not yet anyways!? Give your wardrobe a swatch of it with this Woven Missoni Style V Neck Tunic. This lightweight top is perfect with just a pair of Ponte leggings or skinny jeans, but can easily be layered with your favorite leather jacket to pull it all together.

Woven Missoni Style Shirt

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It’s all about texture! Try our casual yet hip jacquard dress. With its scooped neckline, aline skirt and knit fabric you get style mixed with comfort. What else can a girl ask for?


Textured Knit Jacquard Dress

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Go ahead and try it on (literally) and you will find that you are as fond of it as we are. Always remember to shop at Posh at Play for the latest in women’s designer clothing.


It’s that time of year again. You pull out your favorite jacket, jeans, leggings and turtlenecks. Oh yes of course! And you can’t live without boots. You then realize looking at your mountain of fun you really want some leather to go with your fall & winter wardrobe. Why? We say “Why not!?!?”. It’s chic, comfortable and goes with almost everything. Some say it’s just too pricey for them, others say it just doesn’t breathe enough. The solution… ULTRA SUEDE! That’s the route we are taking and we will show you how.

Ultra Suede Shift Dress in Oxblood – Yep! Just one-on-one time with some fabulous boots or flattering pumps. Your choice.


Stretch Coated Ultra Suede Faux Leather Pants in Snake – Can be paired with light flowing tops or tight-knit sweaters.


Stretch Rayon Knit Pencil Skirt with Suede Contrast in Ivory – Sophisticated Chic! Your call on this one. A very versatile skirt that some might wish was a seasonal requirement. Remember to shop at Posh at Play for the latest in women’s designer clothing.