It seems like everywhere you look these days you see Melange Sweaters. Just like the definition of the term itself Melange =”to mix” can be a total grab bag of different styles, everything from a mixture of yarn fabrications within a single strand to a mixture of yarn colors and types. We found some truly unique variations on this trend that take Melange to an entirely different new level. The long Batwing sleeved sweaters posted below don’t just mix yarn types but total material fabrications. These Melange batwing sweaters below are composed of bold new combinations of silks and knits.            

                                “Bravery never goes out of fashion.”

                   -William Makepeace Thackeray

Batwing Melange Sweater in Ajak Knit

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Velvet Burnout Melange Sweater

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Check out this truly unique Batwing Sweater above with a Melange of velvet burn-out sleeves and silk knit back. Gorgeous! This batwing sweater has a high hip length and with the embellished sleeves it gives this outfit a trendy edgy feel. You can dress this up with our black skinny pants and heels or wear it casual with a pair of our Hudson jeans and black boots.

Ponte Leggings

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Try a pair of our sexy fitted ponte leggings. These have a distinct style with the cargo pockets. They are composed of polyester and spandex with an elastic waist for comfort. Ponte leggings will be a great addition to your closet and pair wonderfully with either sweater above. Shop Posh at Play where we always have a great selection of women’s clothing.