Fall is the perfect time of year to introduce yourself to Jacquard. This weave was developed by Joseph-Marie Jacquard of France in 1804 and is still around today. This fabric weave is durable of course and does not fade easily, but that is not why we are talking about it. Its intricate weave design adds texture and excitement to a piece of clothing. Fall colors scream “Look at me!”. Jacquard colors and patterns command “Wear me!”.

Take this Missoni Style Knit Jacquard Dress. Not only does the pattern inspire vitality, but the sheer softness is to die for.

Missoni Style Knit Jacquard Dress

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Not sure if you can where Jacquard all over… Well, not yet anyways!? Give your wardrobe a swatch of it with this Woven Missoni Style V Neck Tunic. This lightweight top is perfect with just a pair of Ponte leggings or skinny jeans, but can easily be layered with your favorite leather jacket to pull it all together.

Woven Missoni Style Shirt

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It’s all about texture! Try our casual yet hip jacquard dress. With its scooped neckline, aline skirt and knit fabric you get style mixed with comfort. What else can a girl ask for?


Textured Knit Jacquard Dress

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Go ahead and try it on (literally) and you will find that you are as fond of it as we are. Always remember to shop at Posh at Play for the latest in women’s designer clothing.